Peter Gani
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Player Details
Allegiance The Zombie Horde (Seasons 2, 3, 4), The Human Resistance (Season 4)
Seasons Played Season 2, Season 3, Season 4
Squadrons None
Degree BFA (class of 2014)

Peter Gani was a well-known Zombie Lurker during Season 2 and a Leader of the Zombie Horde during Season 3. Gani has proven himself to be significantly effective against unsuspecting Humans, and is credited with killing Resistance Leader Adrian Orszulak in Season 2, and Captain Mike Riner in Season 3.

He is a junior BFA student (class of 2014).

Season 2

Gani joined the Horde during Day 3 of Season 2, and continued to be a valuable asset for the remainder of the week. During The Friday Night Finale, he killed Resistance Leader Adrian Orszulak, effectively lowering the morale of the remaining Humans.

Season 3

Gani joined the Horde on Day 1 of Season 3, and was promoted to a leader on Day 3. He used a deception technique during the plunger to succesfully tag Captain Mike Riner during a Plunger attack. Together, he and fellow zomie Kevin Kaufman created the Triple Plunger, a variation of the Plunger that is much more narrow, yet much more effective. This version of the Plunger is known to have torn the Phalanx into shreds, earning the Horde another victory.

Season 4

Gani's role is reversed in Season 4, becoming a human and instead fighting for the Human Resistance. Gani is known to have survived up to the final day using only a NERF Maverick and several pairs of socks. It's been speculated that he has used his skills as a zombie to increase his survivability as a human. He was one of the last veteran players to turn during the Season 4 Finale.

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