Vulcan EBF-25

Box art for the Nerf Vulcan.

The Nerf Vulcan EBF-25 is a Nerf blaster released in 2008. The Vulcan was the first fully-automatic Nerf blaster, and earned a quick reputation due to its unique functionality and intimidating size. The Vulcan costs around $44.99, and is available at most retail toy stores, as well as


  • Series: N-Strike
  • Dart Type: Whistler Darts
  • Size: Large
  • Capacity: 25
  • Range: 35 feet
  • Special Classifications: Electric Weapon

Pros and ConsEdit


  • Fully-automatic fire allows the wielder to shoot rapidly with a one/two-handed blaster.
  • Manual charging mode allows players to use the Vulcan before Electric Weapons have been permitted.
  • It looks scary when you point it at people


  • A Vulcan with fully-automatic firing turned on is classified as an Electric Weapon and cannot be used until Electric Weapons have been permitted.
  • The Vulcan can only be fed darts from a special 25-round ammo belt. Since there are no alternatives for belt size (aside for mods that connect two belts) , the blaster's minimum capacity is 25 darts (or 50 with modification to the belt), making it unusable until Extended Magazines have been permitted.
  • The Vulcan has no buttstock, or ability to accept a buttstock.
  • Like the Nerf Stampede ECS, the Vulcan has a delay after the trigger is pulled (only when used as a fully-automatic blaster). This makes the Vulcan a bad choice for anyone who will be vulnerable in the case of a sudden ambush.
  • Due to the six 'D' batteries used to power the gun, it is one of the heaviest Nerf blasters to carry.

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