Nerf Rayven CS-18
Rayven CS-18
Series N-Strike
Size Medium
Capacity 6-36 (Clip System)
Dart Type Clip-System Darts
Released December, 2011
Range Approx. 35ft
Price $29.99
The Nerf Rayven CS-18 is a Nerf blaster to be released in March 2012. The blaster is considered by speculators to be a "game-changer", due to its combination of semi-automatic fire and Clip-System reloading. The Rayven costs around $29.99, and has not yet officially released (although it has been "soft released" as of December, 2011, and some players have found them at local Target stores).

Pros and ConsEdit


  • Comes with an 18-round magazine, tripling the normal capacity of a stock blaster.
  • The Rayven is a Clip System Blaster, and can be reloaded rapidly.
  • Semi-automatic fire allows the wielder to shoot rapidly with a one-handed blaster.
  • Fires particularly well without modification.


  • The Rayven CS-18 is classified as an Electric Weapon and cannot be used until Electric Weapons have been permitted.
  • Built-in stock prevents players from deciding which stock to use.
  • The blaster's flywheel motors emit a loud humming noise whenever the blaster is turned on.
  • Bullpup design (magazine loaded behind the trigger) can make reloading the blaster unusual to inexperienced users.

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