Mike Riner
Player Details
Allegiance The Human Resistance
Seasons Played Season 3
Squadrons Task Force 3 ("Delta Squadron")
Degree RTIS (class of 2015)
Mike Riner was a Human Team Captain during Season 3, and a member of Delta Squadron, a private squadron of Human veterans. Riner is also presumed to step up as a new Leader of the Human Resistance during the 2012 Post-Season game.

He is a an RTIS student, class of 2015.

Season 3Edit

On Day 1 of Season 3, Riner was a lone ranger taking part in human missions to find and recover clues. With the death of Josh in delta squad, Riner accepted the position.

On Day 2 of Season 3, Riner rolled out with Delta. During the human mission, Riner's primary roll was supervising the wall of humans.

On Day 3 of Season 3, the mission was the end of Riner's human roll in Season 3.

On Day 5 of Season 3, Riner achieved a kill worth mentioning. The start of the Friday Finale, the Human Resistence collected in the parking lot outside of the exit next Al-K. The man known as Jeff Jeff, loaded head to toe decided to start the night off killing zombies. He walked in front of the humans toward the zombies with a fully loaded Barricade in both loads. While unloading dart after dart into the collecting zombie mass, Riner crept along the wall, using cars for cover. When Jeff Jeff's ammo began to wane, he began to fall back to the Human. Riner used the openning to blind side Jeff Jeff, dealing a huge blow to the Human leadership.


Season 4 (Planned)Edit

Riner plans to carry whatever, whenever, to eliminate all zombies in his path. This may include a hailfire, ramage, or retaliator.

Season 3Edit

Riner carried a modified Nerf Alpha Trooper CS-18 for the entirety of Season 3, as well as a crudely-constructed (however impressive) weapon holster made from denim scraps.