Marian Huber
Marian "Mombie" Huber
Player Details
Allegiance The Zombie Horde
Seasons Played Season 1, Season 2, Season 3
Squadrons None
Degree BFA (class of 2015)
Marian has been a part of Digipen's Humans vs. Zombies from when it was just an idea proposed by Ben Beebe. Working as a designer and Moderator in all three seasons, Marian has

proven to be commited not only to the game but to the players as well.

Best known as a Zombie player, Marian has turned Zombie on day one in both seasons in order to promote Zombie growth and to make sure that there is always a Moderator who can be with the Zombies.

As self proclaimed "horrible Zombie," Marian has only made two tags in both seasons of the game combined; prefering to assist the Horde in other ways. She is best known as a pack organizer, helping to plan the Zombie's course of action for any given mission. In play she is typically a screamer, drawing the Humans' attention so that lurkers can remain hidden. Her main focus has always been to keep Zombie players interested by getting them pumped up and focusing on the strong team effort that is required for good Zombie packs.

"My favorite part of HvZ is the stories, and seeing everyone come together when they're told."

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