Do you have a strong passion for Outbreak/Humans vs. Zombies? Do you look forward to the next game before the current game is even over? If so, the DigiPen Outbreak Development Team is looking to take some of DigiPen's greatest minds to help continue the culture-shaping experience that Outbreak & HvZ have become for our amazing school.

In addition to being able to work on one of your favorite games, all of our positions offer incredible opportunities for resume development and extra-curricular learning, and will serve as a deciding factor when future employers compare you to your competition.

So if you're passionate about Outbreak/HvZ and would like to be part of our incredible team of talent, take a look at what positions are currently open for upcoming games.

Development Team Positions

Note - We are now accepting sign-ups for Post-Season 6! (a.k.a. the Spring 2014 Game)

Production Team

PR and Art Team

Design Team

Technology Team

  • Mobile App Developer
  • Database Manager
  • Website Developer

Please Note: If you are passionate about the game, but don't see a position you fit here, send in an application anyway!