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Player Details
Allegiance The Human Resistance
Seasons Played Season 2, Season 3
Squadrons Task Force 3 ("Delta Squadron")
Degree CE (Dropout)
Dickwad (sometimes referred to as Lt. Commander Dickwad or Dickwad the Robot) was a childrens' RC robot toy utilized as a weapon of the Human Resistance during Season 2 and Season 3. He is most frequently piloted by Resistance Team Captain Nicolai Bilibin.

Due to the humorous concept of using a robot and due to Dickwad's impracticality of use, the robot quickly gained celebrity status among players.

Season 2Edit

Dickwad first made an appearance during Season 2, when Nicolai Bilibin demonstrated the robot's capabilities in the front of the school. Using the its built-in dart-firing system, Dickwad successfully slew Zombie Screamer Frank Aliberti.

Season 3Edit

Dickwad made another appearance in the middle of Season 3. This time, the robot had been equipped with a caravan-type aparatus that allowed it to shoot a Nerf Vulcan EBF-25 mounted on a platform in front of it, while utilizing an RC Humvee for added maneuverability.

The fate of Dickwad is uncertain following the events that ended Season 3, however it is speculated that Dickwad may still be lurking in the empty lab building...